Paul Mampilly Teaches Main Street Americans to Trade

Paul Mampilly was recently featured in the Gazette Day article “Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Success Secrets with his 60,000 Newsletter Subscribers.” The article describes Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly’s financial newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill. He provides an eight-page newsletter filled with information highlighting investment opportunities and the details of why he made that offer. Many seasoned and advanced investors are eager for Mampilly’s knowledge because he has proven that his investment strategy is profitable. During the financial downturn, Mampilly was able to transform $50 million to $88million in the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. The gain was more than 75%.

This was particularly impressive because the huge gain occurred during the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. The newsletter is also successful because it provides insights and detailed information to help new investors make educated investments. He also writes in a way that everyone can understand, instead of writing in his financial jargon many other investment newsletters use. Mampilly provides weekly updates for the recommended portfolio and more than 70% of the stocks stay profitable over a consistent basis. Mampilly is focused on educating his readers to become empowered themselves rather than doing all of the work for the investors. He teaches his readers how to become smart investors instead of dependent ones. He ensures they trade their own stocks and set up their own accounts.

He also provides continued learning for his readers through the website and his financial newsletter. All the information stored on the website is secured through encryption. Mampilly also provides his visitors with alerts, so they know when to trade their stocks. He provides instructions about how to trade it and the reason why they should trade the stock at that time. Paul Mampilly’s newsletter can be accessed through a variety of devices, including a computer, tablet, and mobile. The dedicated team at his Profits Unlimited site also provide help if subscribers have questions. They will even walk the subscribers through the entire process of trading, so they don’t become confused. Mampilly provides several examples for prospective subscribers.

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What you can learn from Paul Mampilly in 2019

Paul Mampilly is a respected investment adviser in the United States who has the ability to help investors to understand how to make the right investment decisions. In the past few years, he has concentrated on the average American investors who struggled to make profitable investments opportunity. After working in Wall Street for two decades, he felt that it was important that he would help the less fortunate to understand how they can make profits from the market. He has been working with Banyan Hill Publishing Company in creating materials that others can learn from. About Paul Mampilly was born in India. He came into the United States and found it a favorable country to make his permanent home. He started working with various organizations in positions of financial management.

After a few years, he found himself managing accounts worth millions and billions of dollars.  By 2006 he was already a hedge fund manager working with Kinetics Asset Management. He was in charge of the $6 billion in funds. At the time he left this organization, it was worth 25 billion. Paul Mampilly says that every American deserves a chance to enjoy financial freedom. This is the reason why he has put a lot of efforts towards educating the masses about the importance of investments. He is using his Profits Unlimited newsletter, a financial publication to give ideas on some of the opportunities that can earn profits.

As a successful investor, Paul Mampilly is a mentor to many. Every time he makes certain predictions other investors are keen to listen to him. In 2019, he has made some predictions on the direction that the market is likely to make. From his investment analysis, the application of big data will become more apparent in 2019. He sees a situation where smaller companies will start enjoying the benefits of access to big data as opposed to previous years when only the big organizations had the opportunity of access to the big data. Therefore, Mampilly is optimistic that smaller businesses will now come up with marketing techniques that will challenge the operations of large organizations. Paul Mampilly sees big data becoming even more impactful in 2019.

Jason Hope is supporting an anti-aging research by SENS

Jason Hope is a futurist and a technology expert. Apart from that, there is a philanthropist who is supporting various ideas which he believes have the capacity of changing human life by eliminating challenges. Although in recent time he has been known for his commentary on matters related to the internet of things, he is taking an interest in what is happening in the biotechnology industry. Through an organization known as SENS Research Foundation, Jason Hope is supporting research that could lead to the invention of the first anti-aging drug for human beings. This is a drug that could slow down or stop the aging process in human beings.

Jason Hope is supporting this idea because he believes it is capable of adding quality to human life. He would like to see a period when human beings who will grow old gracefully; without experiencing the challenges associated with old age such as poor health. From medical research, it has been revealed that the aging process in human beings is responsible for some diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and others. The common agreement is that as long as there can be an anti aging drug, these diseases can be eliminated from the face of the earth. Seeing the potential of such a drug, Jason Hope started the initiative of supporting the research work being done by this non profit organization. Already he has donated half a million dollars to the research program.

SENS Research Foundation is holding an annual conference that brings together experts who are interested in the invention of an anti-aging drug. These are scientists and renowned medical experts who believe that such a drug has a lot of value to add to human life. Every year, researchers meet and share ideas which could expedite the process of the invention. According to the chief science officer at SENS Research Foundation, Mr. Aubrey de Grey, the organization is at advanced stages of coming up with such a drug. About Jason Hope is from Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a bachelor in finance from Arizona State University and a master in business administration from W. P. Carey School of Business.


Wes Edens Prefer Investing in Small Companies

Wes Edens grew up in a ranch with loving parents. His father was a psychologist while his mother a school teacher. During his time, few people had televisions hence children spent time outdoors. After finishing homework, Wes Edens would go outside to play with friends. He learned how to ski in his teens. He attended Oregon State University and in 1984, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration. He was employed by a small bank in San Francisco and later moved to New York to look for a better job.

He was employed by Lehman Brothers for a while and later moved to Blackrock. He became a managing director for Blackrock. He moved with some colleagues to start Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Wes Edens admits that it was difficult at first when they started but things improved after a while. He credits good customer relations as the reason for their success. They sought customers’ opinions on services they wanted.

Wes Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. He is also the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He likes taking risks and investing in Milwaukee Bucks was one of them. Milwaukee Bucks is a basketball team that has not won a league in more than a decade. Despite its poor performance, Wes bought a majority of stake of the team. Moreover, he also invested in Aston Villa, a struggling soccer club.

Many people think that it was a bad idea to invest in the soccer club but Edens this different. He stated that he believed in the team and would do everything possible to revive it. He sees things differently. His ability to view things at a different angle made him unique at Fortress Investment Group. He co-founded the group in 1998 and is still the CEO.

Wes Edens decided to invest in Springleaf Holding in 2010. He bought a majority of stakes at 124 million dollars. He benefitted when the stakes’ value increased by 3.5 billion dollars. He shifted his focus from pure investment to creating infrastructure and building companies.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong, Founder Of


Born in Suqian- Jiangsu province in china, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been known as one of the iconic business figures in china. He is the founder of in china which is the largest retailer in the country. The company has implemented the edge cutting technology in its innovations to worldwide sustainable solutions. Not only does innovates new ideas but also partners with other companies in the global scale to increase its production in the global market. Richard Liu’s Empire has been known to transform china’s economy tremendously having millions of consumers in their portfolio.

Richard Liu Qiangdong attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at The People’s University in China where he was constantly encouraged his parents. To improve his odds in the job market and consumerism, he studied computer science. Upon university completion he was successfully assimilated in the employment world where he first worked for Japan Life Company for few years. Through his interest in computer coding, he was able to maneuver his way on top till he was promoted in the computer department as the head.

Despite having to work in a prestigious position in the company, he had to leave the company in 1998 to pursue entrepreneurship. That was his dreams all along. Richard Liu started his journey in China Renting a small scale retail shop to sell brick and motor product. However, the market was very competitive so he knew he has to improve his marketing and consumerism strategies to flourish his business. See This Article for additional information.

Some of the adopted strategies were improving transaction services and use of the technological advancements which gained exemplary changes. Eventually he was at a new entrepreneurial level where he worked with active loyal customers. Richard Liu Qiangdong later renamed his brick and motor retailer shop to Jingdong which would later become a multi-million venture business.

Focusing on Jingdong’s growth, Liu Qiangdong is an iconic entrepreneur who focused on ecommerce and partnered with new companies in sales of high end products. He realized that this platform yielded much profits where he renamed it as the company dealt with not only china’s high end products but also other luxury goods in the international market where online shipping services for customers were allowed.

The company has found its gateway through partnering with Walmart and Google and has had millions of customers worldwide. Richard Liu Qiangdong now serves as CEO.




Experienced Managers Such as Michael Nierenberg Spend Their Lives in Mortgages

For most individuals flashes of insight do not occur overnight, these insights come about from years of expertise within a field. Experts compound their knowledge within a particular topic and gain unrivaled expertise within the field as they spend more hours and devote themselves more intensely to their specific and unique field. Michael Nierenberg has done this with the field of real estate, he has spent countless hours in the field of real estate, specifically mortgages in various forms and he’s learned quite a bit over the years. Michael Nierenberg has worked with financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and other financial institutions as well.

Michael Nierenberg has been in many a varied environment, and has seen how mortgages can do in a great climate and in an economic downturn as well. Michael Nierenberg has seen it all. He is now working with the New Residential Investment Corporation as the chief executive officer and the Chairman of the Board to where he’s able to make a large impact of the portfolio’s of his investors and on that of the firms as well. Michael Nierenberg and his team are aware of the different fluctuations that may take place over the course of several years to decades have learned and prepared for these different movements to protect themselves and their investors. Public investors will know that publicly traded mortgage REITs have an advantage over equity REITs because of the fact that a proficient manager is able to move financial products in a more simple manner. As such, investors can have and experience more comfort in knowing that there’s more liquidity with a mortgage REIT.

How Does the New Residential Investment Corporation Earn Money ?

The New Residential Investment Corporation utilizes a variety of financial vehicles to support their stable high dividends. These investments will include MSR’s, residential securities and call rights, residential loans, consumer loans, and cash, among other financial assets if they so deem. New Residential Investment Corporation will aim to earn money on the spread between the money the borrow and the financial assets they will purchase, they will split the difference in rates in their investments and earn from the split.

Why Steve Ritchie is Pushing For Diversity


Steve Ritchie is the CEO of the widely established food chain Papa Johns International. Recently, there have been major efforts to boost the companies diversity and inclusion programs. Steve Ritchie is looking to hire new staff for leading the company in a direction that will appeal to a larger audience. It’s not only Papa Johns that looking to focus more on diversity, but many large corporations are prioritizing inclusion and new ideas.

Diversity extends beyond employees. When most enterprises mention diversity, they’re talking about a variety of skill sets, backgrounds, and ideas that are specific to certain regions, people, and so on. This allows the enterprise to develop a broader perspective on the needs and wants of its consumers. This is something that CEO Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is working hard towards.

It may not seem obvious why a food chain would need to care about diversity, but many people judge on what they see. Generally, people perceive a company to be more friendly and accepting when more people from different backgrounds are involved. Hiring people of a different background for the sake of diversity is not the goal. These people must be able to contribute a unique set of skills that will benefit the company and its consumers. Get Additional Information Here.

Many companies are looking to implement programs that will attract the most qualified people for their diversity program. It may require some major overhauls to the structure of the company. One of the main hurdles that companies face is internal policies that do not focus on diversity. Nevertheless, consumers are lending their support and interest in diversity initiatives.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has been communicating his ideas with the board of directions. While the process for change has been slow, Steve Ritchie has taken matters into his own hands. He created a website that speaks directly to the topic of inclusion within larger corporations. By creating this website, he is sending the message that the focus to increase diversity is a high priority. It’s likely that more companies will follow in Steve Ritchie’s footsteps and create their own initiatives to increase diversity.


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Sharon Prince And The Work Of The Grace Farms Foundation


There are some people who commit their lives to making a difference in the world community, and Sharon Prince, through her work with the Grace Farms Foundation, is certainly one of those people.

Making a Difference

The Grace Farms Foundation is a non-profit park space with an affiliated River building that is dedicated to the ideals of supporting faith, community and a love of the arts and nature. Sharon Prince first founded the space back in 2009, with the goal of it being used by groups for meetings that explore new ways to achieve social justice for all people. Refer to This Article to learn more.

This beautifully designed space has been honored with numerous architectural awards, including the AIA National 2017 “Architecture Honor” Award as well as the Fast Company’s 2016 “Innovation by Design” Award, which acknowledges work for the Social Good.

Committing to the Improvement of Women’s Lives

Sharon Prince has long worked for women’s rights worldwide, and it is a cause she believes in deeply. Her work at the Grace Farms Foundation includes co-hosting a meeting with the United Nations University called Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict. This meeting led to the development of a paper on the topic that was sent to The United Nations Security Council.

Along with her dedicated work for the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has also worked arduously to stop child exploitation and human trafficking, as well as to stop violence against women on every level, from locally to nationally and globally.

Ms. Prince also serves on the Board of Next Generation Nepal, which is a charity dedicated to the cause of reuniting young child exploitation victims with their families.

For Ms. Prince, the work is always meaningful, and the work for change always goes on.


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The Activities Of Kisling Nestico & Redick


Kisling Nestico & Redick has helped many injury victims get their justice. Kisling Nestico & Redick has excelled in the fight against injustice from bigger insurance companies primarily in Ohio State. It does not only help the community to get justice but also improve the needy get food.

The story of Kisling Nestico & Redick

Nestico recounts how he suffered because of the carelessness of a driver. He was a passenger in one vehicle, and the driver of the other car hit them from behind. That driver died, but Nestico got severe injuries in the head, legs, and arms. He was put a steel rod in his forearms and spent about three months in the hospital.

To his surprise, the insurance company took advantage of his parents’ language barrier; they spoke in Italian. He learned that corporations would take advantage of anyone who could not defend their rights. That is how Kisling Nestico & Redick was born. Read This Article for related information.

Kisling Nestico & Redick began as a form of only three advocates. They devoted their time to fight for the injury victims. Currently, the team has grown up to 30 attorneys. They have managed to fight for more victims.

They have 100 support staffs in the 11 locations. Kisling Nestico & Redick is known in the entire Ohio state as the best protector of accident victims. This month, they are planning to go for a picnic. They will be transformed into polar bears as they aim to raise over $25,000. He embraced the act of coming together as it moves milestone.

Kisling Nestico & Redick has focused on children. The company has focused on helping the community by defending them in courts and providing them food. The company has contributed over 100,000 meals to families and people that struggle with hunger. The company appreciates all the companies and organizations that support hunger- relief endeavors.

This event has grown every year. The first event had only 70 people jumping into the lake, but of last year, more than 800 people came for the game. The event was organized as a fun activity and set the goal of raising $150,000, which will translate into 600.00 meals for the needy people in the Akron-Canton Region.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick Fighting For The Little Guy


One of the top full-service law firms in the state of Ohio is Kisling Nestico & Redick. This law firm was founded in 2005 and has worked to build a reputation as a reliable and dependable personal injury law firm. Kisling Nestico & Redick was founded by Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico, and Robert Redick.

These three attorneys have extensive legal experience and an advanced knowledge of the insurance industry. When these three lawyers decided to start the law firm they made a decision to be the best. What is impressive about these three gentlemen is that when the doors first open to the firm it was them and three paralegals now today they have 10 locations throughout Ohio with at least 100 employees.

Kisling Nestico & Redick has a proven track record of success they have won multiple multi million-dollar cases and even had an influence on industry changes for the purpose of making the roads safer. The firm’s culture is to stand firm against insurance companies. This culture is heavily pushed by Mr. Rob Nestico himself because of a accident that he was involved in when he was younger. He was seriously injured and the driver of the vehicle he was traveling in died and the insurance companies did not treat him and his family fairly. Kisling Nestico & Redick have created an environment and a culture of being compassionate and a strong advocates for the clients that they are representing. See This Article for more information.


The firm credits their success to insider knowledge and the fact that most of the employees and attorneys have past work experience with insurance companies. The leaders of the firm and the attorneys that are employed by the firm have been named as Top 100 trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association as well as being recognized by other top law association in the state of Ohio. Kisling Nestico & Redick are also big on giving back to the local community. They have school supply giveaways and doing the Thanksgiving holiday they have turkey giveaways. These are just a few examples of how they serve the community outside of the courtroom.


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