The Story Behind How Robert Johnson Could Have Prevented His Tragedy with Securus Technologies

We have a lot of challenges in the modern life we live today. The more complicated things become, the more prone and vulnerable we are to hidden risks. This is something that Robert Johnson learned first-hand and through actual physical experience.


The Tragedy of Mr. Robert Johnson

It was publicly reported on various news networks that Robert Johnson was shot in his home on March 5, 2010. This was a result of a work-related incident that made an adversary out of what he did. Before the shooting happened, Robert Johnson was just working at the Lee Correctional Facility, which is where he was a prison warden for a long time. This incident may have happened because weeks before the shooting, Robert Johnson confiscated a package inside the prison that was about $50,000 in its actual worth. With that kind of money, it’s easy to see why he’d be a target of such a shooting.When the shooter tried to get inside his house, Robert Johnson didn’t lose his aplomb. He immediately tried to distract the intruder from his wife and kids and made sure that they won’t be hit. He tried his best, but unfortunately, in the effort to save his kids, he got shot six times in the chest.



Good thing that the doctors who helped him are skilled enough to make sure that he can get the medical procedure that he needs. Fortunately, I think he had the right people to do the surgeries he needed, because now he’s okay and is now back to work. He is doing a lot of recurring surgery therapies, though, so that he can prevent the stitches from relapsing. Thankfully, he had the help that he had to get to avoid the side effects of the surgeries.


The Announcement of Securus Technologies Wireless Containment Solutions

The good news after the tragedy of Robert Johnson is that he now works for Securus Technologies as a consultant and as an associate. He now helps develop the Wireless Containment Solutions from Securus. According to PR News Wire, this new set of solutions from Securus will help prevent the tragedies, such as the one Robert Johnson experienced. This can be done by blocking the calls from getting inside and outside to and from the prison. When Robert Johnson’s tragedy happened, it was because of a call and shoot-to-kill order from inside the prison. If Securus had been able to integrate Wireless Containment Solutions in where Robert Johnson had worked, this could have been prevented. Right now, I belive that Securus remains to be a leading partner of the different State Departments of the United States just to make sure that civil and criminal justice is delivered in ways that only technology can do.

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