Sightsavers Reaches Beyond Clients’ Faces To Those At The U.N.

Graeme Robertson, Mirriam and AquAid can be better known as Sightsavers. We’ve finally entered an age of the potential for global individual wealth. From drop shipping to life coaching to merely connecting with enough social media patrons to support your or another’s cause, wish or desire, you can muster up significant dollars, pounds, euros, rupees and kwacha. From there you can develop, write and create ebooks, photographs, novelty items, etc. with little lead capital to advertise and sell them to take you to the next level of income stream. Because of the internet and technology you can do this from anywhere in the world at all times in the world.


This option to live an abundant, joy filled life also permits everyone an option to start out as a mini philanthropist. Setting aside a portion of your time and or money as contribution into the enhancement of life circumstances for another has always been found to benefit all involved. To this end the team at Sightsavers also pursues the advancement of gender equality specifically raising awareness and demanding behavioral change of individuals, families, businesses and governmental leaders toward their treatment of the female human species, the fully and the differently abled. Through education that promotes experiences that challenge demented thinking and traditional suppression regarding women and girls, Sightsavers aims to upend the status quo such that communities and nations may grow and bring to fruition ideas of the world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Graeme Robertson contributes to Sightsavers through his online presentation of his professional photography of the daily life activities of women, men and children who face challenges concerning eye health and/or other mental, physical or emotional disabilities. AquAid is an establishment that provides funding. Mirriam is a Mom and physiotherapist in and of Malawi who donated a portion of her own land and ideas for the development of The Dawn Centre that treats her son and others like him who suffer from the challenges brought on by cerebral malaria and physical disabilities. Through this Sightsavers’ ‘Put Us In The Picture’ campaign, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Caroline Harper and Global Advocacy Advisor (GAA) Gertrude (Getty) Oforiwa Fefoame aim to keep the concerns of women and those with disabilities forefront in the minds and faces of United Nations officials making global decisions about them.


The full opportunity to enhance the lives of everyone involved remains central to Sightsavers’ underlying cause. The institutional sponsorers, individual contributors and recipients enjoy the moments shared of the tangible life differences their thoughtfulness makes possible. By uniting these various levels of participation, Sighsavers garners the cascading of leadership, advocacy and empowerment toward a tsunami wave of continued and progressive change. This angle of attack provokes the challenge of everybody’s perspective towards women and the disabled such that acts concerning family leaves and accessibility for the disabled will continue to develop with global cultural and local quotidian relevance.

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