NGP VAN’s MiniVan Software is a Progressive as the Company’s Politics

Political canvassing entails campaign volunteers going house to house. A volunteer engages the resident hoping to convince them to go to the polls on election day in support of the candidate the volunteer works for. A more ambitious goal of political canvassing is to convince someone who identifies as Republican to vote Democrat and the other way around. In today’s political climate such efforts usually prove fruitless.


Computers and social media have changed the way that many things are done including the way action is solicited from a candidate’s support base. NGP VAN’s “MiniVAN” software makes canvassing more efficient. MiniVAN also has budgetary benefits. Campaign workers making more efficient use of their time means a more efficient use of campaign funds.


Data stored in MiniVAN helps campaign workers pinpoint their candidate’s likely demographic. “Cutting Turf” is political speak for compiling walk lists and maps for canvassing volunteers to follow. NGP VAN has simplified that process. With minimal data input, MiniVAN creates walk lists and maps. Notes on engagements between campaign workers and constituents can be stored in MiniVAN.


The software is designed for iOS and Android-powered devices. The MiniVAN app is free. The voter data the software contains provides insight into what specific issues to address while engaging a certain individual i.e.; veterans issues, tariffs, or healthcare.

A company that embraces a progressive political agenda, NGP VAN political software is designed to aid Democrats. Both the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton made use of products from the company. One thing that separates MiniVAN from similar products is that MiniVAN takes into account the changing way sexual identity is defined. Traditional canvassing software identifies constituents as either male or female. NGP VAN canvassing software identifies constituents as they identify themselves, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.


Being a company that practices what it preaches, NGP VAN took part in “A Day Without Women”. The annual event demonstrates the importance of women in the workplace and attempts to foster equality for the gender oppressed. A Day Without Women was a way for NGP VAN to recognize and honor the value of its female employees while aiding charities devoted to helping women.


Rather than going to work, the female employees spent the day assisting charities in the DC area. Victims of domestic violence, homeless women, and women preparing to enter the workforce benefited from an NPG VAN’s commitment to women’s causes.

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