Paul Mampilly’s Interview on Enterprise Radio

After earning his MBA from Fordham University, Paul Mampilly hit the fast-paced world of Wall Street and achieved much success. He worked as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust, and after that was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to be a hedge fund manager. He helped Kinetics grow to new heights. With all his working success in the financial world, Paul Mampilly then decided to use his acumen for the greater good and help others. Paul Mampilly currently releases a newsletter titled Profits Unlimited in which he delivers stock advice on a monthly basis. He also writes weekly for Winning Investor Daily. Investment expert Paul Mampilly is a well-respected individual in the stock market community. He also wanted to be with his family more and switched positions to work as an investment analyst.

In an interview on Enterprise Radio with Eric Dye, he details his career path and some of the experiences he had on Wall Street. He and Eric Dye ended up discussing their favorite entrepreneurs, common investing mistakes, and recent changes in the stock market. In the interview, he stressed the importance of constantly educating yourself on changes in the stock world. He stated how he himself reads 12-14 hours a day. This is a routine he’s kept for over ten years that allows him to keep track of all the investment opportunities he’s interested in.

Paul noted how the greatest catalyst on Wall Street was the rate at which computer technology affected the stock market. It has completely changed how people invest and view stocks. He stated how at one and time the technology that the everyday user now has was only available at large investment firms. When Dyer asked about any interesting IPOs to watch, Mampilly spoke on his business interest in the Swedish company Spotify. Spotify is a global music streaming service. He detailed how Spotify’s subscription business model and intuitive learning mechanism have made it an attractive investment opportunity. The learning mechanism lets Spotify know your musical tastes the more you use the music application. Dyer’s interview with Paul Mampilly gave great insight into the mind of an investment wizard.

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