Sussex Healthcare is Commited to Improvement

Sussex Healthcare is always looking to move forward. In its commitment to best serve its clients and employees, the company has taken stock on what it has done well and what it can do to be even better. Sussex Healthcare has taken steps to make sure it is always improving. With an eye on transparency, the company is focused on clear and open lines of communication between management, employees, and clients.

COO Steve Whittingham is confident that the company will fix areas of concern and build upon things it is doing well. The healthcare industry is always looking to move forward, and Sussex Healthcare is looking to be at the forefront of positive change. Steve Whittingham knows that success begins and ends with the team members that make up the Sussex family. Making customers feel like they are part of that family is one of the most important things they can do.

Lynn Lovett is one of those team members. She has worked for the company for 22 years, and she is proud of the work she and her team have done over the years. Lynn serves a strong, tight-knit community, and family and friends of customers always know they are welcome to visit. Lynn goes out into the community to educate people about their options as they get older or need care.

The team is not limited to the healthcare side of the operation. There is an IT staff that makes sure the homes are fully working on the technical side of things. They have a system in place to make sure that any issues are resolved as quickly as possible, and there are always IT technicians on hand. The department is working on streamlining the technical side of the company and making sure Sussex Healthcare homes have the most up-to-date software and hardware.

The IT department is looking to speed up internal internet, provide tech training videos, and ensure the security of all internet operations. Sussex Healthcare is looking to add to its family, and it is in the process of hiring a variety of new people in various positions. It is all part of Sussex’s desire to move forward and improve all aspects of the company.

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