Sussex Healthcare: A Typical Workday Recap

Sussex Healthcare has recently celebrated 25 years in the short and long-term residential care industry. The company has been able to provide full-care housing and adult day care to tons of residents along the South Coast of England. Providing elder care and care to those with full disabilities is a specialty requiring talented, caring individuals who work daily to make life better and more livable for those facing these severe challenges. Older persons with dementia, Alzheimer’s and younger persons with neurological deficits and cognitive disorders can receive the specialized care that they need whether through the adult daycare facility or in one of the long-term residential facilities.

Sussex Healthcare offers a full range of services for their patients and residents including physical, social, spiritual, and emotional development services. Each location is equipped with a gym to help with physical strengthening. The available equipment such as track hoisting helps to develop strength in different muscle groups. Sussex Healthcare: Celebrating 25 Years of Care. Spas and pools are also available for cardio, conditioning, and more relaxing routines. Respite care is available for caregivers who need a short break away from caring for their loved ones. They can use the time to rest and refresh themselves.

Sussex Healthcare has a team of dynamic employees who provide palliative care for the chronic and terminally ill patients. A typical day may be spent comforting patients and their family while the staff provides specialized care such as pain management. Each member is trained to provide the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care. Patients/residents and their families can be confident knowing that Sussex Healthcare is a leader in the care industry. The staff at each location is uniquely trained and talented to meet the needs of all residents. The dining staff is led by a top-notch, high-quality chef who provides delicious nutrient-dense meals for the patrons to enjoy. There are also indulgent desserts and meal plans for those with special dietary needs.

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