Journalist Alex Hern

Journalist Alex Hern is the Guardian’s UK technology editor. He has written many articles that can be found on Muck Rack. Muck Rack is an online source, for journalists to have a listing of all of their written pieces. One of his recent articles that are featured on Muck Rack; is an article he wrote for EURACTIV. In this article, he talked about how Iceland has become a Bitcoin miners dream.

Alex Hern explains, that Iceland is popular with Bitcoin miners because of the location of the country. Iceland provides a more affordable and generous sum of renewable energy. In another article that is listed on Muck Rack, Alex Hern has written about artificial intelligence. The article was featured on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist’s website.

Alex Hern wrote about how the founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford, Nick Bostrom, believes that artificial intelligence could eventually outperform human beings, in basic intelligence, and could advance even more in time. He is very active on his Twitter account. In his Twitter profile, Alex Hern says that he views his tweets and that he deletes tweets weekly.

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