Why Steve Ritchie is Pushing For Diversity


Steve Ritchie is the CEO of the widely established food chain Papa Johns International. Recently, there have been major efforts to boost the companies diversity and inclusion programs. Steve Ritchie is looking to hire new staff for leading the company in a direction that will appeal to a larger audience. It’s not only Papa Johns that looking to focus more on diversity, but many large corporations are prioritizing inclusion and new ideas.

Diversity extends beyond employees. When most enterprises mention diversity, they’re talking about a variety of skill sets, backgrounds, and ideas that are specific to certain regions, people, and so on. This allows the enterprise to develop a broader perspective on the needs and wants of its consumers. This is something that CEO Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is working hard towards.

It may not seem obvious why a food chain would need to care about diversity, but many people judge on what they see. Generally, people perceive a company to be more friendly and accepting when more people from different backgrounds are involved. Hiring people of a different background for the sake of diversity is not the goal. These people must be able to contribute a unique set of skills that will benefit the company and its consumers. Get Additional Information Here.

Many companies are looking to implement programs that will attract the most qualified people for their diversity program. It may require some major overhauls to the structure of the company. One of the main hurdles that companies face is internal policies that do not focus on diversity. Nevertheless, consumers are lending their support and interest in diversity initiatives.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has been communicating his ideas with the board of directions. While the process for change has been slow, Steve Ritchie has taken matters into his own hands. He created a website that speaks directly to the topic of inclusion within larger corporations. By creating this website, he is sending the message that the focus to increase diversity is a high priority. It’s likely that more companies will follow in Steve Ritchie’s footsteps and create their own initiatives to increase diversity.


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