Jason Hope is supporting an anti-aging research by SENS

Jason Hope is a futurist and a technology expert. Apart from that, there is a philanthropist who is supporting various ideas which he believes have the capacity of changing human life by eliminating challenges. Although in recent time he has been known for his commentary on matters related to the internet of things, he is taking an interest in what is happening in the biotechnology industry. Through an organization known as SENS Research Foundation, Jason Hope is supporting research that could lead to the invention of the first anti-aging drug for human beings. This is a drug that could slow down or stop the aging process in human beings.

Jason Hope is supporting this idea because he believes it is capable of adding quality to human life. He would like to see a period when human beings who will grow old gracefully; without experiencing the challenges associated with old age such as poor health. From medical research, it has been revealed that the aging process in human beings is responsible for some diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and others. The common agreement is that as long as there can be an anti aging drug, these diseases can be eliminated from the face of the earth. Seeing the potential of such a drug, Jason Hope started the initiative of supporting the research work being done by this non profit organization. Already he has donated half a million dollars to the research program.

SENS Research Foundation is holding an annual conference that brings together experts who are interested in the invention of an anti-aging drug. These are scientists and renowned medical experts who believe that such a drug has a lot of value to add to human life. Every year, researchers meet and share ideas which could expedite the process of the invention. According to the chief science officer at SENS Research Foundation, Mr. Aubrey de Grey, the organization is at advanced stages of coming up with such a drug. About Jason Hope is from Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a bachelor in finance from Arizona State University and a master in business administration from W. P. Carey School of Business.


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