Paul Mampilly Teaches Main Street Americans to Trade

Paul Mampilly was recently featured in the Gazette Day article “Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Success Secrets with his 60,000 Newsletter Subscribers.” The article describes Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly’s financial newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill. He provides an eight-page newsletter filled with information highlighting investment opportunities and the details of why he made that offer. Many seasoned and advanced investors are eager for Mampilly’s knowledge because he has proven that his investment strategy is profitable. During the financial downturn, Mampilly was able to transform $50 million to $88million in the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. The gain was more than 75%.

This was particularly impressive because the huge gain occurred during the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. The newsletter is also successful because it provides insights and detailed information to help new investors make educated investments. He also writes in a way that everyone can understand, instead of writing in his financial jargon many other investment newsletters use. Mampilly provides weekly updates for the recommended portfolio and more than 70% of the stocks stay profitable over a consistent basis. Mampilly is focused on educating his readers to become empowered themselves rather than doing all of the work for the investors. He teaches his readers how to become smart investors instead of dependent ones. He ensures they trade their own stocks and set up their own accounts.

He also provides continued learning for his readers through the website and his financial newsletter. All the information stored on the website is secured through encryption. Mampilly also provides his visitors with alerts, so they know when to trade their stocks. He provides instructions about how to trade it and the reason why they should trade the stock at that time. Paul Mampilly’s newsletter can be accessed through a variety of devices, including a computer, tablet, and mobile. The dedicated team at his Profits Unlimited site also provide help if subscribers have questions. They will even walk the subscribers through the entire process of trading, so they don’t become confused. Mampilly provides several examples for prospective subscribers.

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