Sharon Prince And The Work Of The Grace Farms Foundation


There are some people who commit their lives to making a difference in the world community, and Sharon Prince, through her work with the Grace Farms Foundation, is certainly one of those people.

Making a Difference

The Grace Farms Foundation is a non-profit park space with an affiliated River building that is dedicated to the ideals of supporting faith, community and a love of the arts and nature. Sharon Prince first founded the space back in 2009, with the goal of it being used by groups for meetings that explore new ways to achieve social justice for all people. Refer to This Article to learn more.

This beautifully designed space has been honored with numerous architectural awards, including the AIA National 2017 “Architecture Honor” Award as well as the Fast Company’s 2016 “Innovation by Design” Award, which acknowledges work for the Social Good.

Committing to the Improvement of Women’s Lives

Sharon Prince has long worked for women’s rights worldwide, and it is a cause she believes in deeply. Her work at the Grace Farms Foundation includes co-hosting a meeting with the United Nations University called Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict. This meeting led to the development of a paper on the topic that was sent to The United Nations Security Council.

Along with her dedicated work for the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has also worked arduously to stop child exploitation and human trafficking, as well as to stop violence against women on every level, from locally to nationally and globally.

Ms. Prince also serves on the Board of Next Generation Nepal, which is a charity dedicated to the cause of reuniting young child exploitation victims with their families.

For Ms. Prince, the work is always meaningful, and the work for change always goes on.


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Adam Milstein On the Rise of the Jewish Diaspora’s Next Leaders

Adam Milstein has been a long and vocal supporter of his homeland, even though he left Israel in 1981, he has continued to champion his people ever since. He maintains an online presence with his writing at the Times of Israel to support his work as a co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation works endlessly to support pro-Israeli organizations like the Israeli-American Council (IAC), among many others.

As a member of the Jewish Diaspora, Adam Milstein is marshaling his resources to tackle the big issues facing the global, Jewish population. For Milstein, the ultimate challenge is the The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. The campaign threatens to tear apart the Jewish community around the world, but particularly amongst American Jews, and ultimately, perhaps, destroy Israel all together.

Adam Milstein, though, is hopeful that the time has come for the next generation of Zionist leaders to step into the light, leading the charge against antisemitism, and building support for Jews across America,Israel, and the world. In his daily work, Adam Milstein sees the passion and drive in the young people, returning from their Birthright journey to the homeland with a deeper understanding of and connection to their long and tumultuous history. The hope, Milstein believes, is all around, rising in an activist generation that is bringing a message of connectivity to the Israeli-American Council, and flourishing amongst the teenage members of pro-Israel youth groups, like Tzofim and B’nei Akiva.

Adam Milstein encourages his generation, back in the homeland and from the Diaspora, to give these new voices an outlet, and a foundation, that connects the history of the Jewish people to the struggles the community still faces. Amongst these hopeful teenagers and young people, just now discovering the pride and connection with their Jewish homeland, Milstein believes the future of the movement may reside, and the next Golda Meir or David Ben-Gurion will rise.