Shaking Things Up with Igor Cornelsen

Who Is Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen Is a well-known Brazilian investment banker. Cornelsen was born in 1947; he first went to engineering school, and later on he decided to make a change when it came to his future career. Cornelsen began to study economics. Even though Cornelsen went to school to be an engineer, he found out that his training as an engineer would help him to work as an investment banker. Cornelsen began working at Multibanco in 1974, and in a few short years, he became the CEO of the bank. After some time, Cornelsen went to work at Unibanco. He stayed there for a little less than 10 years. From there, he went on to Libra Bank PLC. In order to further his career at this bank, he decided to move to the UK. There, he worked as a board member until 1995.

The Success of Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen is an investor who is extremely driven. He gets up early in the morning when the markets begin to open in other countries, and he stays abreast to all the international news when it comes to economics. Since he has a wealth of experience in investment banking, he leverages that that experience in order to make wise investment decisions.

What Sets Cornelsen Apart

Cornelsen has made some investment decisions that other investors did not agree with. He saw that the Brazilian government was making huge mistakes when it came to the economy. That insight drove his decision to sell his Brazilian assets. While several economist believed that Russia would never get back to the stock market, Cornelsen had faith in Russia. Both of these investment decisions paid huge dividends for him. Cornelsen’s tenacity and knowledge of the stock market have helped him to become one of the world’s most successful investment bankers.