Boraie Development: Creative, Collaborative and Inspiring In The Real Estate Business

Real estate has always been a market that has yielded a substantial amount of revenue in return. Developers, Contractors, Businesses, Sports and Movie stars have at some point in time tried their hand at the real estate market. Whether it was to sell property, to buy and flip or to create an entirely new piece of property, there has been nothing like the thrill of real estate.


The Boraie Development LLC is one of the many well-known development companies that have made a name for themselves in the real estate world. This company has paved the way when it comes to the real estate development by creating innovative and breathtaking building designs that have been utilized as residential, business and commercial properties. They also offer services in property management, sales and marketing.


The company especially made a name for themselves when they partnered with the famous NBA basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal. Together Boarie and Mr. O’Neal developed the Aspire residential complex located in New Brunswick, NJ. New Brunswick is the basketball’s great home town and because he loves his hometown, he wanted to give back. The Aspire apartment complex is a high rise luxury apartment facility that is located in the downtown district of New Brunswick that is sprawling with other business such as cafes, pubs, bars, performing arts and music facilities and eateries.


The Aspire Luxury Complex was built to include every kind of amenity possible. It comes with one or two studio bedrooms layouts with private balconies,designer kitchens and appliances,cable and internet accommodations, carpeting in all bedrooms and hard wood flooring in all living spaces and energy efficient heating and cooling. There is even a 24/7 concierge located in the lobby of the building and it has its own parking garage for tenants. This beautifully designed facility was designed with a modern touch and gorgeously appareled decor, fitness center and rooftop terraces. The rooms also offer a panoramic view of the downtown areas in New Brunswick. This apartment complex is truly fit for a king or queen. Check out



Boarie’s collaborations with Mr. O’Neal has continued to expand into other properties as well. Boarie also continues to have continued partnerships with other individuals, companies and business that they are developing for, managing properties and providing sales and marketing expertise. The Aspire Apartment Complex is only one of the many properties that Boarie has designed but with that in mind, they are sure to continue their reign of excellency when it comes to the real estate market. You can visit




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The Aloha Construction’s Efficiency Brand

The Aloha Construction Company is a successful and well known roofing and siding service providing company. The residents of the state of Illinois have been the major beneficiaries of this company’s services over the years. As a result, both parties have mutually benefited and grown. The occupants of the state of Illinois on one hand have been assisted construction solutions for withstanding harsh weather conditions such as high winds and hail storms. Aloha Construction on the other hand has grown its business and as a result has been granted the ability to serve the whole of Illinois and some of its outskirts. Of course with this growth has come improvements in the quality of their services.

The Aloha Construction Services

The Aloha Construction Company’s main services entail roofing and siding of houses to provide comfortable and durable living conditions regardless of the atmospheric state. However, in a more expounded manner the Aloha Construction services include; Cedar siding, siding repair, soffit installation, soffit repair, roof cleaning and roof waterproofing among other forms of repair and installations within the context of house maintenance against harsh weather. These services are offered in areas spread out all through Illinois, that includes Lake Zurich, Port Barrington, Round Lake, North Barrington and Lincolnshire just to mention a few.

The Aloha Construction Successes

Over the years the Aloha Construction Company’s growth has been evident. A perfect example being their complete projects increasing from a 7000 in 2013 to a record breaking 20000 by 2015. This company under the leadership of David A. Farbaky has focused on the provision of quality services for the people of the State of Illinois.

In this endeavor the Aloha Construction Company has succeeded through its launching of the Aloha builds network. This branch entails a group of experts who specialize in interior restoration, remodeling of bathrooms, kitchens, basements, water extraction and even clean up.

In conclusion the Aloha Construction Company is a proud and diligent service provider for the residents of Illinois. The expansion rate in the quality and coverage of their services plainly shows the efficiency and success of this company. And its continued brand efficiency is what makes it the leading company of its kind within Illinois and soon to be outside as well.