Doe Deere, a Russian-American Immigrant and Serial Entrepreneur Recounts Achieving Her American Dream

With the repeated posters, memes, and chants of building a wall to keep immigrants out of America, the discussion about previous immigrants’ contribution to the country is becoming more and more relevant.

And Doe Deere, a Russian-American immigrant who is now a successful serial entrepreneur, continues contributing to the conversation by sharing her own personal experience.

Starting through an op-ed on popular business publication in September 2017, Deere shared her account of moving from Russia when she was only 17 years old.

The Story Shared by Doe Deere

Born to Jewish parents with the birth name Xenia Vorotova, Deere moved to the United States with her family of three. Together with her mother and younger sister, the Vorotova women aimed to chase the American dream and achieve a life of freedom and free speech that would allow them to be themselves in a safe environment.

Keeping in mind that the U.S. promised shelter to those who were finding a home to be themselves and prove their worth to the world, Deere and her family started to work tirelessly in order to achieve the life they deserved.

Odd jobs were a part of the lifestyle at first and so were the struggles that came with them. Being hand to mouth in a completely new country wasn’t ideal, but Deere, her mother and her sister resolved to change their life for the better and continued working with their head on one goal: to prove that immigrants could have a better life when given the opportunity.

From a homeless shelter in Manhattan to her own home in Los Angeles, Deere had to work for all of what she has earned so far (including the moniker Doe Deere, which she coined by herself). With a cosmetic brand by the name of Lime Crime, a clothing line dubbed as Poppyangeloff, and multiple other ventures to her credit, the 37 year old Deere has a very interesting and inspiring story to tell in this summary of her biography.

Her account tells us that behind every immigrant success story like Doe Deere, there is a lot of struggle and hardship. Not every immigrant who is successful in the future flies across the border with a silver spoon in their mouth. Thus, giving those a chance who have been brought down by life is not only humane, but also contributes to the potential of a successful American-in-the-making.

Doe Deere Makes Big and Bold Statements in Business World and Makeup World

Doe Deere is a strong and fearless woman who doesn’t let anyone get in her way. The best part is that despite being a force in the business world, she still carries herself in a positive manner. Deere is a pioneer when it comes to makeup and makeup trends. That’s because she’s been fighting make up stereotypes for years. First, she supported the fact that makeup was for men and women of any age. Secondly, Deere helped to expand the wearing of certain colors. For a long time, people were too nervous to step outside of their comfort zone and try bold colors. Deere wanted people to know that they can have the confidence to rock any color that they want! This includes purples, pinks, blues, greens, and more! Deere wants people to know that they don’t have to just wear the colors available at drug stores and makeup stores. Learn more:

According to French Tribune, Deere is a rebel at heart who had the drive and passion to become a successful business owner. Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is an online cosmetic company that specializes in bright and bold makeup. Lime Crime sells hair chalk, eyeliner, glitter, lipstick, Velvetines, and more! People go crazy over their lip colors because they’re smooth and eye-catching.

Deere truly supports and believes in her product. You will often catch her wearing Lime Crime! She’s easy to spot. It’s because Deere doesn’t blend into the crowd. She likes having bright hair, lips, and eyes to match. She looks absolutely flawless though no matter what look she is landing! Deere is a successful entrepreneur because she’s overcome diversity in her life. She had to deal with a lot of haters who said she couldn’t do it. Luckily, she brushed them off and her risk paid off. She was able to follow her passion right into a successful company.

Deere is unlike any other makeup pioneer and that’s because she does things a little bit differently. She doesn’t see makeup as a way to make a profit or a way to cover up blemishes. Instead, she views makeup as a form of self-expression. If something feels right, Deere believes you should do or wear it! As a result, Lime Crime is all vibrant colors. They’re great for any skin tone, any person, and any occasion! After being this successful, Deere is now helping other women achieve their dreams whether it’s makeup or business related. Learn more:

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