Sharon Prince The Leader Of Grace Farm Organization Join Hands With Georgia And Unchain In Fight Against Slavery


Sharon Prince is a well-renowned businesswoman, and also she has lead in various institutions. Currently, she is the chairwoman and the president of Grace Farms Organization, a private operative institution that was founded in 2009 to enhance the lives of the various group through active involvement in nature, arts, justice, community, and faith.

Through her work in this foundation, Ms. Sharon Prince has managed to fight child exploitation, human trafficking, and mistreat against women on the local, national and international level. In 2016, she co-hosted a sitting with the United Nations University themed as ‟Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict” and the reports were published to the United Nations Security Council and the UN Resolution 2331. The Foundation has been developing and initializing a worldwide media campaign Unchain: Freedom Needs Fighters to put a stop in modern-day slavery with agencies Geometry Global, J. Walter Thompson, and Shazam.

On 30th October last year, Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation announced a deal to fight contemporary slavery in collaboration with the country of Georgia and Unchain. The agreement was signed and sealed with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from the three parties, and it also acted as a sign of establishing standards and practices that promotes supply chain transparency.

Consistent with Georgia`s earlier planned goal of achieving green, sustainable, and a technological smart country with the next ten years, this union will help to create a demonstrative business model where other countries will learn from as well as corporates and investors about the benefits associated to transparency in a corporate supply chain. View Related Info Here.

Grace Farm Foundation together with efforts from Georgian government and Unchain will develop a legalized procedure and review previous existing legal, institutional, policy framework, and standards so as to create a strong foundation to the process that will ensure ethical and openness supply chains in the two global supply chains of the food, agriculture and technology.


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