Experienced Managers Such as Michael Nierenberg Spend Their Lives in Mortgages

For most individuals flashes of insight do not occur overnight, these insights come about from years of expertise within a field. Experts compound their knowledge within a particular topic and gain unrivaled expertise within the field as they spend more hours and devote themselves more intensely to their specific and unique field. Michael Nierenberg has done this with the field of real estate, he has spent countless hours in the field of real estate, specifically mortgages in various forms and he’s learned quite a bit over the years. Michael Nierenberg has worked with financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and other financial institutions as well.

Michael Nierenberg has been in many a varied environment, and has seen how mortgages can do in a great climate and in an economic downturn as well. Michael Nierenberg has seen it all. He is now working with the New Residential Investment Corporation as the chief executive officer and the Chairman of the Board to where he’s able to make a large impact of the portfolio’s of his investors and on that of the firms as well. Michael Nierenberg and his team are aware of the different fluctuations that may take place over the course of several years to decades have learned and prepared for these different movements to protect themselves and their investors. Public investors will know that publicly traded mortgage REITs have an advantage over equity REITs because of the fact that a proficient manager is able to move financial products in a more simple manner. As such, investors can have and experience more comfort in knowing that there’s more liquidity with a mortgage REIT.

How Does the New Residential Investment Corporation Earn Money ?

The New Residential Investment Corporation utilizes a variety of financial vehicles to support their stable high dividends. These investments will include MSR’s, residential securities and call rights, residential loans, consumer loans, and cash, among other financial assets if they so deem. New Residential Investment Corporation will aim to earn money on the spread between the money the borrow and the financial assets they will purchase, they will split the difference in rates in their investments and earn from the split.

Madison Street Capital Wins M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards

The financial industry has faced a lot of challenges over the past decade. At the beginning of that time frame a deal involving Virgo Capital, Sachs Capital Group and Merion Investment Partners on a take-private of RMG Networks would have been unlikely to happen. Ten years later, Senior Manager Partner Barry Peterson of Madison Street Capital was the man behind getting this deal finalized in a recovering economy.


That leadership from Mr. Peterson was what led Madison Street Capital to receiving the “Distresses M&A Deal of The Year” for the transaction referenced above, boosting the Madison Street Capital reputation. That was not the only award won by the organization though. Madison Street Capital won seven additional awards from the M&A Advisor as well. A few of those include the Restructuring of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, and Professional of the Year.


A total of 275 companies were in competition for the 13th Annual Turnaround Awards. The awards will be presented in Palm Beach, Florida on March 28 at the 2019 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit.


Involvement in this number of deals, let alone winning awards in all of them is a positive sign for the economy. After 2008, business acquisitions as an investment strategy dropped in frequency and popularity as the government began to install new regulations and changing the business environment over the next decade. Operating within the new guidelines Madison Street Capital specializes in assisting small and medium sized businesses in the market.


Madison Street Capital has been in business since 2005. During that time they focused on aiding small and medium sized businesses in the merger and acquisition process in the business environment of today. Madison Street Capital aids business professionals in determining the value of a business as the first step in an acquisition, merger or exit strategy.


Madison Street Capital offers valuations around the world, and has physical office locations in Africa and Asia in addition to North America. The company analyzes and evaluates the business transaction for the types of financing that are possible. It then advises its clients as to what is the best type of financing to meet their needs.


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OSI Food Solutions is the American Dream

Begun is 1909 as Otto & Sons, OSI Food Solutions is the world’s largest food processing and production company. From its beginnings as a neighborhood butcher shop and meat supplier, they have grown in tandem with and beyond the success of OSI’s primary customer, McDonald’s.

Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant to the Chicago area. After being in the country for two years, he founded Otto & Sons with his boys. They were locally known for the quality of their products and service, and soon began to ship to restaurants out of state. The early precursor to the McDonald’s franchises was one such customer. As the franchise model took a hold of McDonald’s, Otto & Sons continued to supply the growing giant. By the time McDonald’s was a household name, Otto & Sons had become OSI Food Solutions. As McDonald’s continued its rampant growth throughout the U.S. and abroad, OSI Food Solutions has grown with them as a trusted partner and supplier of their products.

OSI Food Solutions has an international business presence, with 65 plants in 17 countries employing around 20,000 workers. They supply other major chains such as Pizza Hut and Subway in addition to McDonald’s, and are the world’s largest food supplier to restaurants. Forbes has them listed at their #58 largest business in 2016, with annual revenue of $6 billion.

Still based in the Chicago area, OSI Food Solutions has received many awards for quality and safety. They received the 2016 Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council, who also put them on the merit list in 2018 at the International Safety Awards. OSI has also been recognized for its work in environmental management and conservation.

OSI is present in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. They have, in the past several years, been engaged in a new expansion phase. They are buying new facilities and expanding some of their old ones, and have nearly doubled their domestic chicken production by acquiring a plant from Tyson Chicken in Chicago for $7.4 million in 2016. They also have bought or merged with several food companies in other countries, gaining an established foothold in this nation’s markets and expanding those local businesses with access to their global supply network.

Though primarily processing meat such as pork, chicken, beef and fish, OSI also supplies vegetables and dough to their clients. They have a huge market share in China.

Learn More: www.stepstone.de/jobs/OSI-Food-Solutions-Germany-GmbH.html

Sightsavers: Giving the Gifts of Sight and Resources to the Forgotten


The gift of sight is priceless. To see what is in front of us is nothing short of a daily miracle. However, there is someone in another part of the world that is suffering with the curse of preventable blindness and/or other disabilities because they cannot afford the surgery or the necessary treatment. Then, we hear about an organization that is answering prayers all over the world!

Sightsavers is an organization that works to prevent blindness in poor countries, namely in Africa and Asia. It was founded on January 5, 1950 in the United Kingdom by Sir John Wilson (who was blinded by a chemical experiment) and his wife, Lady Jean Wilson. Sightsavers was originally named the British Empire Society for the Blind.


Sightsavers also works to help people with disabilities (including blindness) find jobs or learn a trade to be able to have the privilege of supporting themselves and feeling a sense of accomplishment and inclusion in mainstream society. In the blog piece titled, Lessons from Our First Inclusive Eye Health Project, author Daisy Macdonald researches the significance of societal inclusion for visually disabled people, and breaks down the steps necessary to for the ideal to come to fruition. The blog piece also explores the logistics for poor blind people to gain access to proper health facilities, medications and support as deemed necessary.


There is a video about a debilitating eye disease in Ethiopia called Trachoma. Trachoma is the number one preventable eye disease in the world, as it touches poor people with no consistent hygiene resources, no support, and no political voice. The disease is caused by flies that feed off of feces from humans that have a form of the disease, chlamydia. When the flies leave the feces, they carry the disease on their feet and land on people’s faces, specifically on their eyes. When people are infected by trachoma, their eyelashes grow inward, painfully scratching the cornea. Eventually, the person goes blind. Sightsavers is one of the partners that is helping communities rid themselves of the disease by teaming with local political/social leaders and medical facilities in the area. Together, they are working to give the communities resources like surgery, education, antibiotics, and access to clean toilet areas and ample water supplies to wash their face and hands accordingly, repelling the flies and destroying the disease.


Many thanks to Sightsavers, an organization that cares.

Michael Burwell Moves To Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell has been in the corporate sector for a long time. He worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers for a good 31 years. The experienced accountant and auditor are now moving to Willis Towers Watson. His work at PwC was sterling. He literally shone wherever he was posted. He climbed through the ranks to become one of the top managers at the giant audit firm. Willis Towers Watson specializes in the brokerage business and offering advice regarding security and stability. It has many branches across the globe. It thrives in investing in assets that traditionally, the ordinary companies, think aren’t worth much. Michael J Burwell has been named as the incoming Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Mike, as he is fondly referred to is replacing Roger Millay. Millay is slated to retire on the 2nd of October 2017.



Tapping From the Rich Experience and Expertise


Michael Burwell has worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers for 31 years. He worked for the company in several senior positions. His last post was his work as the head of Global Transformation. He also served as the Head of Transaction Services. Furthermore, Mr. Burwell served as the head of the audit team for 11 years. He also brings a wealth of experience as the Head of Transaction Services advisory. He has also helped many companies in merger deals. Mr. Michael Burwell has experience in the field of Valuation too.



A Rousing Welcome to Willis Towers Watson


Mr. Michael Bowel was welcomed by the CEO, Mr. John Hailey. Hailey indicated that the company was excited to have Mr. Burwell with his long-standing experience at a point that the company is going through an evolution. He mentioned that Mike is known for his special focus on clients. He is also a skilled hand in dealing with complex matters that confound a global organization such as Willis Towers Watson. He further added that Michael’s experience in transformation and financial transactions will be a much-needed ingredient in the dynamic operations of Willis Towers Watson.



Willis Towers and Watson Summary


Michael Burwell moves to Willis Towers Watson; a company that has a reputation for thriving where others could not dare. Willis Towers Watson specializes in financial advisory services and asset management. As they say, they know how to turn risks into growth. The company is an international entity with over 40 000 employees across over 140 countries. They have a special focus on risk management; a service that makes them attractive to many companies. Get More Information Here.