Ara Chackerian: The Healthcare Guru

Ara Chackerian is a renowned businessman and philanthropist based in San Francisco, California. He has dedicated his efforts towards ensuring that health of the community in California is well taken care of. Chackerian has spent much of his career trying to create a bridge between technology and healthcare services. His interest in healthcare is what has made Ara Chackerain come up with business models that give a satisfactory outcome to the target clientele. Currently, he is privileged to sit in various boards in the Bay Area, thanks to the experience garnered over the years that he has worked in the healthcare industry.

Other Interests

In addition to healthcare and technology, Ara Chackerian has interest in environment and youth empowerment programs. For instance, he advocates for environmental-friendly practices in his teak farm in Nicaragua to avoid the degradation of the environment. Another plus is that the farm provides jobs for the residents of the local community and pays them decent ransoms. Ara Chackerian has the interest of his community at hand. His entrepreneurship skills are extraordinary and aspiring businesspeople look up to him by benchmarking on his abilities and then putting them in practice to achieve a results-oriented model.

TMS Investment

His company, TMS, has injected a lot of capital in healthcare research that aims at providing long-lasting solutions to the witnessed health problems. TMS has the passion and belief that they should eradicate the infectious medication-resistant depression that thousands of people are suffering from. Their vision is developing a care delivery model that will enable the physician and patient achieve their desired outcome in a way that makes all of them satisfied.

Ara Chackerian has performed beyond the average expectations in the various positions that he has served. His results-oriented model should be emulated by entrepreneurs who want to venture in the healthcare and technology industry.