Attorney and Advocate Jeff Herman Gives You Advice on Protecting your Children from Child Abuse

Attorney Jeff Herman is known for exposing the Archdiocese of Miami clergy sexual abuse scandal. In 2011, he won a landmark $100,000 verdict for his client who was sexually abused by a priest. His passion for helping sex abuse victims go far beyond the courtroom. He also uses his knowledge to help parents prevent sexual abuse occurring to their child.
The Tips Jeff Herman wants You to Know about Protecting Children from Child Abuse.
This is a conversation many parents dread having with their children. However, it is a conversation they need to have with you. For example, you need to sit and have repeated talks with them about sexual abuse.
You must use age-appropriate vocabulary and language so that the child understands. During this discussion, you must tell you them about their body parts and the need to set boundaries. Boundaries are way to prevent a predator from touching them.

Another tip is not stop talking about the sexual abuse. No parent should only have one conversation about child sex abuse and predators. This will not be productive. Your child may not trust you enough to talk the conversation serious or may forget about what you discussed. You must have multiple conversations to let your child know they can come to you with anything.
Give examples to help your children. Children learn by receiving examples. Let them know there are people who act like their friends may really be a predator. You aren’t doing this to scare them. You just want them to know they must be aware of who could be a predator. You also want to tell them that people with job titles like teacher, police officer and firefighter can be predators too.
Let your child know they have the right to tell someone “no” if they are trying to or actually touching them in an inappropriate way. Many children may not know this. It is up to the parent to let them know that they can say “no” without feeling bad or scared. No one has the right to touch them or make them feel uncomfortable.
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