SEC Whistleblower Attorneys at Labaton Sucharow

After the disastrous global financial crisis of the past decade played out, questions about how to avoid or at least mitigate future disasters of a similar nature were a hotly debated topic. It became clear that law enforcement was not properly equipped to policy the securities industry, and that the methods used to try and do so were inadequate. In 2010, Congress made some changes to change these shortcomings by partnering with the private sector to police the securities industry and provide an advocacy for those who expose wrongdoings inside it.

By strengthening protections for employment, providing an anonymous reporting system and incentivizing whistleblowing on violations of the law, Congress made it easier for private individuals to bring attention to misdeeds they witness without the fear of backlash or professional or private danger for themselves and their families.

This led to a massively successful public-private partnership in the SEC Whistleblower program. By allowing for whistleblowers to come forward anonymously and fighting to ensure they are rewarded for their vigilance, the SEC Whistleblower Program has successfully prosecuted, litigated or gone to trial for hundreds of different cases. Through the attorneys at Labaton Sucharow many high-profile cases have been successfully resolved resulting in fines and judgments against large companies that violate the law.

With a respect for truth and honesty declared in their Manifesto, Labaton Sucharow does everything in their power and experience to ensure that the “little guy” who tries to take on the corporate giants has an even footing to do so, not needing to fear for the consequences that doing the right thing can entail when taking on corporate giants. By helping whistleblowers stand up for employees and investors they help the securities industry maintain an honest and level playing field.

Labaton Sucharow attorneys have decades of experience in SEC tips: whistleblower cases, whistleblower advocacy, prosecutions with the SEC and the DOJ and private securities cases. They have won billions in worker compensation and whistleblower cases, as well as brought billions in fines and recovered assets back to their rightful places.

Knowing that securities laws and regulations are a complex labyrinth that requires years of education and experience to navigate successfully. With their team of experienced attorneys and knowledgeable experts, Labaton Sucharow helps people through the system and find them their justice and just compensation for having the courage to step forward and do the right and honest thing.