How The Brown Modeling Agency Is Transforming Texas

Texas may not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about modeling. However, an industry for models is budding there. Especially in central Texas, the Lonestar states has a lot to offer to the runways of high fashion. The Brown Agency is equipping these Texan models to take the world by storm.




The Brown Agency operates as a full serve agency for aspiring and established models. The agency was established in the summer of 2015. The company was once owned and operated by Wilhelmina Models, a famous modeling agency in the industry. This agency is a top notch agency and its ranks higher than most of the other agencies in the industry. What makes Brown Modeling Agency so unique is the fact that this agency was able to harvest the talent of central Texas and place them in parts of fashion and modeling that had never been done before. Their models have booked jobs with top companies like Dell, L’oreal, Toyota and Louis Vuitton. That is not all. The list continues with thousands of other companies this agency has landed jobs for their very talented and successful roster of models.


According to Marketwired, how did a small agency in an unknown market make it to the top of the fashion world? Through hard work and determination the head of the agency cultivated their talent into leading professionals. The agency knows one of a kind talent when they see it. The world recognizes their talent too. From Austin Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week, this agency has transformed the talent of Texas. Justin Brown, president of Brown Modeling Agency, says his agency has accomplished such feats due to how they put their models first. He knows the company is only as good as its modeling talent. Him and his team of professionals take their development and employment seriously for their models. They train their models to bring professionalism to their bookings and that gets them rehired continuously.


What is next for this Austin, Texas leading talent agency? Justin Brown has many plans for his models. He will continue to use his experience of working in the modeling industry to teach them the modeling insights and tricks of the trade. It is certain more will be seen from this amazing modeling agency.



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