Betsy DeVos Definitely Should not be Ignored

Michigan knows the DeVos family well. The family has fought for change and has achieved it one way or another. Some credit Grand Rapid’s prosperity to this family since they worked hard to keep stadiums out the city and focused on education instead. This is also the family that fought against labor unions.


Betsy DeVos worked hard to give parents in the state power to choose which schools their kids should go to. She championed privately owned schools, such as religious schools that will not be accountable to the government. She does not want the government to make sure kids are getting an education. DeVos believes that parents will take care of that aspect on their own. Needless to say, DeVos was successful in devastating the state’s public education, which made some people happy.


Trump must have seen these changes and loved them because he named her the Secretary of Education for the United States. Champions of public education around the nation began to feel skeptical about this choice because it seemed that this woman did not care about public education. It seems that her focus is only on helping parents have more choices. There was no doubt that some people feared her but this ended during her congressional hearing.


She was asked a number of questions about public education that made it clear that she was wrong for the job. Still, what made matters worse was her answer about guns in schools. She told congress and the nation that she believes schools should have weapons to fend off grizzly bears. Out of all the issues schools have to worry about, grizzly bears is simply not one of them yet there was Betsy, talking about kid-crazy grizzly bears.


Many people laughed at her, including Late Night TV hosts, and some even dismissed her because they believed she was simply dim-witted. This is something Mike Cox, a former secretary of state for Michigan and republican warns against. Cox points out that DeVos is someone that should not be dismissed. Yes, she is definitely inexperienced, but Cox says that she is a quick learner, and she is not afraid of using her money to fight for her beliefs.


There is no telling how much change DeVos wants to bring to this country, but it seems that Trump is willing to gamble US education on this woman, and his supporters couldn’t be happier.


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