Rocketship Education Encourages Involvement From All

Rocketship Education does more than tax-payer-funded schools in the suburbs to nurture their students. This is displayed in the fact that they visit the homes of every single student with the philosophy in mind that doing so is important to establish deep ties with parents. This falls in line with their main value of “parent power”–the idea that a superior education involves the active interest of children’s parents. Grassroots involvement is very important when it comes to local schools. There is a limited extent to which children can help themselves. They need the help of adults to organize and vouch for the interests of the community. There has to be a high level of genuine interest on the part of both children and adults. However, it is also important for adults to get involved because they act as examples for their children to mimic. A socially responsible, engaged parent sets a good example for a child.

Also, teacher and parental involvement are important in places where gang activity is rampant. Many times, when children go to schools in inner city areas, they join gangs. A large part of gang membership has to do with the need to be safe in an educational institution. Involvement of parents and teachers curbs the spread of gang activity.

The school also has to be interested in helping kids. Traditional schools are full of corrupt, hacked out bureaucracies and stubborn mindsets. It is very difficult to enact a suitable level of change in the education system in its current state. As a result, kids are trapped in crowded, inner-city hellholes that are more like jails. To smash the corruption and the flawed ways that the traditional schools are stuck in, private companies and organizations need to start their own certified schools. This is one of the underlying concepts behind Rocketship Education and other charter school systems.

Rocketship Education, founded in 2006, strives to create normalcy in the world of chaos that low-income minority kids are subjected to on a daily basis. Their curriculum helps children to develop a sense of consistency and purpose.