William Saito Speaks Out about Russia’s Future in the World of Technology

There are certain countries that usually dominate the field of technology and development. First up is Finland. This nation is considered to be the best in terms of medical technology, environmental science and biosciences. China is a dominate tech country because of its robotics, genetics and semiconductors. Other countries such as Germany have always been high on the list when it comes to tech production. Russia is another region that has made some great developments in the area of tech. However, the world does not wholeheartedly agree that Russia’s technology is the best.


William Saito is a former Japanese technology advisor. He has worked with Japan and the U.S. in regard to cybersecurity. He has also created his own biometric security company and he is considered a cybersecurity tech genius. Saito was born in the U.S. but lived in Japan for some time. He has traveled the world to gain first-hand experience about the modern tech landscape that is available on each continent. He visited Russia and realized that this country’s technological development was going to have a strong future.


William Saito believes that the average family household is where the battle for technology is going to be won. Yes, he understands that governments, militaries, industries, and commerce all need technology. As a matter of fact, they could not effectively operate without modern equipment, software or infrastructure. Saito discovered that Russia is now tuning into the needs of the modern family household.

This step is extremely important for the Russian people. The fact is that most consumers around the globe rarely if ever purchase Russian made brands for their homes. Places such as China, Japan, the U.S., and Germany dominate the market in terms of household consumer technology. Russia is changing this by developing tech items that can effectively compete against the current dominators within the consumer tech market.


In the past, a lot of Russia’s tech creation focused on aerospace development, military weapons and defense, and cybersecurity products and services. William Saito strongly assumes that Russia’s focus on consumer-related markets is going to create a shift in the global tech industry. He warns other countries that they should no longer overlook the Russians in this important area of modern science.






Wes Eden & Fortress Investment Group Unveils Bright Line Train

The drive between Miami and Fort Lauderdale is a headache and frustration prompting commute for some Florida inhabitants. In case there is road work obstructions or accident traffic, the drive can be affected by a couple of hours. Fortunately, the Bright line train associated with Wes Edens is set to provide an excellent option.

Some parts of the United States have only privately owned and operated passenger rail structures. The Bright line train will give another ideal alternative for people who regularly travel between the two Cities in South Florida. Operations of the train started on 19th May 2018 in Miami. Likewise, Brightline has been handling routes between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale from the starting of the year. Nevertheless, having services that reach to the City of Magic is a great achievement to optimize traffic and furthermore provide suburbanites a much more accommodating travel choice.

Those using the train will have the chance to enjoy USB ports, complimentary Wi-Fi, and power outlets while comfortably seated in leather seats and strolling down the broad walkways. Food and lounges services are also accessible. The bright line which has the objectives of actualizing this type of suburbanite’s rail merits in several Cities around the U.S. is a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group.

Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group have established serious strategies to enlarge the West Miami Palm Beach course all the way to Orlando, that is; approximately 235 miles away. Even though the course is a bit far way, by the time of its finishing, the train will transverse a distance of 125 miles in only an hour, hence reducing movement time between the two Cities in only two hours.

Under the Wes Edens leadership, Fortress Investment Group is thus dedicated to link Dallas and Houston via Bright line train and even connect several other routes such as Charlotte and Atlanta and St. Louis and Chicago in the near future.

On the other hand, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens, and Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris have agreed to purchase a high stake in Aston Villa by investing money into the English soccer team that by a whisker missed the lucrative Premier League the previous season. Wes Edens has always been ready for a fl inanciaprofession which is why he pursued his career and studied at Oregon State University where he graduated with a degree in Finance & Business Administration in 1984.


The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Explains How The Band Are Changing Industry Expectations

If a casual fan was asked to describe the physical appearance of most DJs producing music over the last few years, they would usually be hard pushed to achieve the feat. The arrival of The Chainsmokers on the music scene is changing the face of the industry with the DJ duo looking to carve out their own path through the popular music sector. Alex Pall is one half of The Chainsmokers and believes he and collaborator Andrew Taggart are among the first DJ’s to take ownership of their material.

Following the release of the band’s debut studio album, “Memories… Do Not Open” the global fame achieved by The CHainsmokers has raised eyebrows. Pall explains the initial forays into producing their own music came after The Chainsmokers had achieved success playing DJ sets around New York City. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were determined to make their mark on the music industry and refused to be pigeonholed as a traditional DJ collaborator for guest vocalists.

Instead, The Chainsmokers decided the best way to achieve success was to step into every aspect of the creation of the music which would ultimately bear their name. The first step was breaking down the door to the writer’s room and pushing forward their ideas about lyrics. Alex Pall believes The Chainsmokers stand out from their peers because they claim ownership of their compositions. By becoming involved in the process of creating their own songs, The Chainsmokers believe they are giving their fans the best output.

The majority of DJs do not give the time and effort to every part of the production of their music as The Chainsmokers do. In general, songs are written and produced before a DJ puts their mix on the finished article with little creative input. The Chainsmokers have stepped out from behind their decks to perform vocals on some songs and formed a live band for their latest tour.


The Chainsmokers Aim to Make History with Memories Album

EDM duo The Chainsmokers are busy releasing single after single, but it’s their debut album  Memories… Do Not Open that people can’t seem to get enough of.

Since it hit the top spot on the Billboards Dance and Electronic Chart, it’s held on so long that it’s on its way to making history. Currently Memories… Do Not Open is tied for third longest No 1. dance album with the often celebrated Demon Days by the Gorillaz.

Being listed the best dance album for 34 times is quite the accomplishment, but considering 2005, when Demon Days was released, was a long time ago. And considering their debut album is only a little over a year old, it’s highly likely The Chainsmokers will surpass the Gorillaz in due time.

The Chainsmokers are dealing with competition from increasingly popular groups like Kygo, Above & Beyond, and William Control. The electronic music scene is saturated with artists all aiming to remove the Chainsmokers’ enviable position on the Billboard charts. Even the memory of Avioii is helping his music live on after his passing. Whatever becomes of their Billboard legacy, it’s clear that the Chainsmokers aren’t waiting for a potential upset to keep their songs on our playlists.

About The Chainsmokers:

The Chainsmokers is an American EDM duo. Since making their debut in 2014, making a name for themselves with the single “#Selfie,” they’ve been known for a series of successful tracks that laid a path towards fast fame among electronic music fans and the Billboard charts. In addition to reaching No. 1 with their debut album Memories… Do Not Open, their single “Don’t Let Me Down” earned them a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

Members Alex Pall and Drew Taggart were introduced by their music manager Adam Alpert. After failed starts with different projects, Pall and Taggart formed the Chainsmokers. Independently they continue to work on other areas of music. Pall is both a trained pianist and experienced songwriter. Taggart, a longtime producer, continues to work with different artists to create their next album.


Jeunesse: Revitalize Your Skin Through Luminesce Chain of Skin Care Products

One of the most significant achievements of the modern generation and for organizations working in the skincare industry will have been to monitor and control the symptoms of premature aging. You will have noticed that people around you are portraying an increased number of symptoms that are associated with aging such as wrinkles all over their faces and facial pores that never seem to be ending. Moreover, other factors seem to be taking root in every person who is looking forward to eliminating these symptoms such that they do not seem to be ending.

Jeunesse, a skin care product manufacturing company based in the United States is offering Luminesce, a cream that is focused on ensuring that all the symptoms of premature aging have been reversed and that people can have a youthful appearance. This cream is helping individuals, especially women to change their overall appearance and show to the people that it is never too late to change your appearance. The cream is bearing fruits after continuous applications, where all the facial pores seem to disappear after a few days of application. This can only highlight the effectiveness of this product.

This product has been received professionally in the market, and all the individuals using it have returned to highlight how Luminesce has been of assistance to their premature aging properties. All the fine lines that characterize the face of an aging person and the wrinkles that make you look old are removed from the face within a short period. People have been saying that they have been getting their skins back after using Luminesce to change the appearance of their skins. Individuals who want to reverse the current status of their facial skin should use luminesce which will be useful to their appearance.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a multinational organization that uses innovative methods to produce and sell skin care products and other nutritional supplements around the world. Due to the effectiveness of the products sold by this company, its profile has been raising such that it is considered to be one of the most effective and reliable skin care and nutritional supplement around the world.


NGP VAN’s MiniVan Software is a Progressive as the Company’s Politics

Political canvassing entails campaign volunteers going house to house. A volunteer engages the resident hoping to convince them to go to the polls on election day in support of the candidate the volunteer works for. A more ambitious goal of political canvassing is to convince someone who identifies as Republican to vote Democrat and the other way around. In today’s political climate such efforts usually prove fruitless.


Computers and social media have changed the way that many things are done including the way action is solicited from a candidate’s support base. NGP VAN’s “MiniVAN” software makes canvassing more efficient. MiniVAN also has budgetary benefits. Campaign workers making more efficient use of their time means a more efficient use of campaign funds.


Data stored in MiniVAN helps campaign workers pinpoint their candidate’s likely demographic. “Cutting Turf” is political speak for compiling walk lists and maps for canvassing volunteers to follow. NGP VAN has simplified that process. With minimal data input, MiniVAN creates walk lists and maps. Notes on engagements between campaign workers and constituents can be stored in MiniVAN.


The software is designed for iOS and Android-powered devices. The MiniVAN app is free. The voter data the software contains provides insight into what specific issues to address while engaging a certain individual i.e.; veterans issues, tariffs, or healthcare.

A company that embraces a progressive political agenda, NGP VAN political software is designed to aid Democrats. Both the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton made use of products from the company. One thing that separates MiniVAN from similar products is that MiniVAN takes into account the changing way sexual identity is defined. Traditional canvassing software identifies constituents as either male or female. NGP VAN canvassing software identifies constituents as they identify themselves, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.


Being a company that practices what it preaches, NGP VAN took part in “A Day Without Women”. The annual event demonstrates the importance of women in the workplace and attempts to foster equality for the gender oppressed. A Day Without Women was a way for NGP VAN to recognize and honor the value of its female employees while aiding charities devoted to helping women.


Rather than going to work, the female employees spent the day assisting charities in the DC area. Victims of domestic violence, homeless women, and women preparing to enter the workforce benefited from an NPG VAN’s commitment to women’s causes.




How Infinity Group Earned a Spot in the AFR’s Most Innovative Companies List

Infinity Group Australia has come with a business model that has put them on the map as one of Australia’s most innovative companies. Graeme Holm, the founder of the company, acts as a mortgage broker for his clients, but also provides them with special training in how to control and manage their finances. Holm says he realized that many Australians do not know how to manage their finances correctly and therefore cannot pay their houses off on time. Providing them with a “training program” will allow the clients to not only pay off their homes on time but also to invest in other opportunities because of the residual income they will acquire.

The idea is that Infinity Group acts a personal trainer for the client’s finances. If you go to the gym by yourself, it will take you some time to figure out what kind of exercises work for you and how often you should be doing them. This makes your goals harder to achieve. If you have a personal trainer, however, achieving these goals becomes easier because you have an expert helping you out.

Infinity Group Australia’s process is simple. Once you have your mortgage, the company will provide assistance in every aspect of your finances. They will teach you how to reduce your debt, pay off your mortgage, plan for your retirement, and after that, they will teach you how to invest your money. They will start with an in-depth analysis of your finances and give you pointers on where you can be saving money and reducing your spending. Once your “training” is done, you will constantly receive progress report so you can see how well you’re doing and if there are still any areas in which you can improve.

This business model has earned Infinity Group some fantastic feedback. In fact, Infinity Group Australia Reviews are so positive that they have now earned a spot in the Australia Financial Review’s list of most innovative companies for 2018. Australia Financial Review, otherwise known as AFR, reaches an audience of around 1.8 billion people, so being on this list grants the spot-holders a great deal of exposure. Holm states that he is very proud of the work Infinity Group has done and that he hopes to continue improving the lives of Australians and helping them achieve financial freedom. Being on the AFR list is a coveted spot to be in and Infinity Group thanks its clients more than anyone else. Learn more : https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/infinity-group-australia

Tim Duncan And Talos Take Maverick Approach To Oil And Gas Industry

Tim Duncan, the founder and chief executive officer of Talos Energy, has built a reputation for going against the conventional wisdom of industry experts to better the position of his company. This trait from Duncan was on full display recently when he successfully orchestrated a $2.5 billion merger between Talos and Stone Energy. Many industry insiders considered the move on the part of Duncan to be an overreach as Stone Energy, which was a company nearly as large as Talos, had recently filed for bankruptcy. But what interested Duncan about Stone energy the most was that the company’s status as a publicly traded company would provide Talos with the opportunity to go public without encumbering the expenses associated with a public offering.

The move was completed despite Tim Duncan and his family having to deal with the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey during the last stages of the negotiations. Talos Energy obtain the public status it coveted and Duncan is now in command of a company that totals $900 million in annual revenue. Tim Duncan grew up in the small town of Egypt, Texas and all that know him agree that his high-energy style and penchant for rapid speech seems more fitting of a Manhattan attorney. Duncan began his career in the oil industry back in 1996 when he scored a position with Zilkha Energy.

This position allowed him an up-close view as Selim Zilkha used his foresight into the technological advances that would provide geologists with an increased ability to look into rocks laden with oil as far as six feet underground to build his company to the point he was able to sell it for $1.2 billion in 1997. The lessons of charting one’s own course and using innovative methods to beat competitors to the finish line that were learned while working at Zilkha were not lost on Tim Duncan and he has used these developed traits to quiet the mouth of naysayers time and time again throughout his career.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy was founded by Tim Duncan in 2012 and is an independent oil and gas company that concentrates its efforts on the development of deepwater assets located in the Gulf Region.

Roseann Bennett Establishes A Beneficial Organization

Roseann Bennett established a mental healthiness organization called Center for Assessment and Treatment. Center for Assessment and Treatment concentrates on treating and supporting a broad range of individuals and families especially, those that are excluded and/or downgraded by the community. Roseann Bennett holds the position of executive director and co-founder at Center for Assessment and Treatment. Roseann Bennett is a certified matrimonial and family specialist/therapist based in New Jersey. Bennett has great expertise in matrimonial and family treatment, behavior development, and administration associated matters. She also has expertise working with youths and the families of youths for more than 10 years.


Roseann Bennett had been actively involved in the community for many years going to homes to conduct therapeutic treatment. Eventually, she was provided with the opportunity to be involved with outpatient therapeutic treatment. The transfer from conducting therapy at home and conducting outpatient therapy made her realize some matters occurring in the health field. Roseann Bennett discovered that rapid psychological health amenities that concentrated on assisting individuals with low-income were limited. Also, Roseann Bennett observed the shortage of prolongation of attention/care for such individuals. Therefore, because of these consistent observed matters occurring Roseann Bennett decided to establish Center for Assessment and Treatment.


Roseann Bennett, Founder of Center for Assessment and Treatment, stated she concentrated on the approach in her interview with Prnewswire.com. In the beginning her husband and her used furniture from their own home to implement a modest atmosphere. Roseann Bennett continued to be active in the community to obtain clients. During early development Roseann Bennett focused heavily on the services needed in mental health and how the services could be implemented proficiently and consistently. This type of approach helped Roseann Bennett to expand the organization throughout the years. View Related Info Here.


In conclusion, Roseann Bennett is an accomplished individual of a beneficial organization.


View additional reference on http://www.fivehundo.com/roseann-bennett/

Sightsavers: Giving the Gifts of Sight and Resources to the Forgotten


The gift of sight is priceless. To see what is in front of us is nothing short of a daily miracle. However, there is someone in another part of the world that is suffering with the curse of preventable blindness and/or other disabilities because they cannot afford the surgery or the necessary treatment. Then, we hear about an organization that is answering prayers all over the world!

Sightsavers is an organization that works to prevent blindness in poor countries, namely in Africa and Asia. It was founded on January 5, 1950 in the United Kingdom by Sir John Wilson (who was blinded by a chemical experiment) and his wife, Lady Jean Wilson. Sightsavers was originally named the British Empire Society for the Blind.


Sightsavers also works to help people with disabilities (including blindness) find jobs or learn a trade to be able to have the privilege of supporting themselves and feeling a sense of accomplishment and inclusion in mainstream society. In the blog piece titled, Lessons from Our First Inclusive Eye Health Project, author Daisy Macdonald researches the significance of societal inclusion for visually disabled people, and breaks down the steps necessary to for the ideal to come to fruition. The blog piece also explores the logistics for poor blind people to gain access to proper health facilities, medications and support as deemed necessary.


There is a video about a debilitating eye disease in Ethiopia called Trachoma. Trachoma is the number one preventable eye disease in the world, as it touches poor people with no consistent hygiene resources, no support, and no political voice. The disease is caused by flies that feed off of feces from humans that have a form of the disease, chlamydia. When the flies leave the feces, they carry the disease on their feet and land on people’s faces, specifically on their eyes. When people are infected by trachoma, their eyelashes grow inward, painfully scratching the cornea. Eventually, the person goes blind. Sightsavers is one of the partners that is helping communities rid themselves of the disease by teaming with local political/social leaders and medical facilities in the area. Together, they are working to give the communities resources like surgery, education, antibiotics, and access to clean toilet areas and ample water supplies to wash their face and hands accordingly, repelling the flies and destroying the disease.


Many thanks to Sightsavers, an organization that cares.