The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Explains How The Band Are Changing Industry Expectations

If a casual fan was asked to describe the physical appearance of most DJs producing music over the last few years, they would usually be hard pushed to achieve the feat. The arrival of The Chainsmokers on the music scene is changing the face of the industry with the DJ duo looking to carve out their own path through the popular music sector. Alex Pall is one half of The Chainsmokers and believes he and collaborator Andrew Taggart are among the first DJ’s to take ownership of their material.

Following the release of the band’s debut studio album, “Memories… Do Not Open” the global fame achieved by The CHainsmokers has raised eyebrows. Pall explains the initial forays into producing their own music came after The Chainsmokers had achieved success playing DJ sets around New York City. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were determined to make their mark on the music industry and refused to be pigeonholed as a traditional DJ collaborator for guest vocalists.

Instead, The Chainsmokers decided the best way to achieve success was to step into every aspect of the creation of the music which would ultimately bear their name. The first step was breaking down the door to the writer’s room and pushing forward their ideas about lyrics. Alex Pall believes The Chainsmokers stand out from their peers because they claim ownership of their compositions. By becoming involved in the process of creating their own songs, The Chainsmokers believe they are giving their fans the best output.

The majority of DJs do not give the time and effort to every part of the production of their music as The Chainsmokers do. In general, songs are written and produced before a DJ puts their mix on the finished article with little creative input. The Chainsmokers have stepped out from behind their decks to perform vocals on some songs and formed a live band for their latest tour.